Commercial Locksmith Services, Part 2

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Many commercial locksmith services solve the same problems that homeowners face, which include lockouts, lost keys, lock repairs, lock installations, and hardware upgrades. Rely on a licensed Orlando locksmith at Arrow Locksmith Co. when you need effective and efficient services. To continue with our topic on the commercial services and products that some locksmiths provide we include all of the following:

Access Control
Intact security means knowing who has access to what part of your establishment and maintaining strict controls over it. A commercial locksmith can detail and monitor access controls for safety and to provide information like security logs.

High-Security Locks
High-security locks are durable and strong; they act as a strong deterrent to vandals. Certain businesses require top security and typically use trained, licensed, insured, and verified locksmiths.

Safe Installation, Servicing, & Combination Changes
Onsite safes protect a company’s cash, documents, and similar valuable materials. Safes contain moving components that need upkeep to function properly. Also, safe owners should change their combinations regularly, which can be handled by a commercial locksmith.

Cabinet & Desk Locks
Many offices regularly incur cabinet and desk lockouts or malfunctions. Locksmith services from a reputable company should be employed to repair or install these locks.

Electrified Strikes, Panic Bars, & Magnetic Locks
Electric strikes are designed to manually or automatically lock and unlock doors. They can enable security to open doors through a release switch or allow employees into office spaces with their access cards.

Panic bars can be installed horizontally or vertically on emergency exits and are made for a quick and easy release. They most often do not enable access from the outside.

Magnetic locks rely on magnets to secure doors, which creates lock systems that are extremely difficult to break. These can work in conjunction with an electric source or through permanent magnets only.

Commercial Locksmith Services, Part 1

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Businesses require a higher level of security than most residences do. Commercial locksmiths are largely known for key cutting and lock repairs as their standard services. It’s also true that many professional locksmiths provide businesses with the strongest line of security. Some, but not all, of the commercial services provided by highly-trained, licensed locksmiths include the following:

Master Keying
One single master key is often created to enable access to every lock in a business establishment. A master key eliminates the need to carry a large number of keys. A single master key can be created by an Orlando locksmith to enable access to every lock in your establishment.

Rekeying the cylinders of a lock so that the original keys no longer work is important when employees leave or businesses change hands. Re-keying eliminates the need to buy new locks.

Door Services
Some commercial locksmiths can install, repair, and replace door closers, doorframes, hinges, emergency exits, and handicapped exits for wooden, metal or glass doors.

Cylindrical or Mortise Locks
The typical lock systems are cylindrical or mortise locks. They can be installed on doors and offer varying levels of protection. Most locksmiths can provide high-quality locks of either kind. A mortise lock includes a deadbolt and uses a thumb latch handle usually made of brass. Cylindrical locks do not come with a deadbolt. They are more common in new buildings and operate with a simple system that involves two holes drilled to the door involving the lockset and latch.



What Is a Deadbolt Lock?

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Having and using high-quality deadbolt locks adds to your home security. Deadbolt locks are one way to keep intruders from gaining entry by force during a home burglary attempt. With a deadbolt, the burglar is less likely to be able to kick in your door. A deadbolt lock includes a steel bolt that extends into the door jamb and strike plate of a doorframe. The single-cylinder deadbolt is the most common type; it is operated by a twist knob on the inside of the door and a key on the outside. Another option is a double-cylinder deadbolt, which does not have a twist knob and requires a key for operation both inside and outside the home.

For the deadbolt to function properly, the bolt must extend fully into the hole on the doorjamb. It’s best if the hole is reinforced with a metal strike plate. Your lock and doorframe may be compromised if the bolt doesn’t extend all the way into the hole or if a strike plate isn’t used. It’s also suggested that you use three-inch screws to reinforce the strike plate into the studs of the doorframe.

Contact Arrow Locksmith, a leading residential locksmith in Orlando, to provide you with the deadbolts you need to add extra security to your home.



The Purpose of Bump Resistant Locks

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Lock bumping is a technique used to gain access to locks without a key. The technique includes the word “bumping” because a specially cut key is inserted into a keyhole and then tapped or “bumped” by a screwdriver, a hammer, or some other object. This process forces the pins in the lock to jump to their shear line, and with a little torque applied to the key, the lock opens. Sometimes referred to as an “attack” technique, the “bump keys” are used because they can penetrate conventional pin and tumbler door locks. In other words, a bump key can open any lock that it fits into.

Unfortunately, with bump keys, criminals can spend a few dollars and use those keys to compromise almost any kind of traditional lock in a home or office in seconds. The good news is that you can stop the violators from entering your premises with a bump-resistant lock.

Take note of the type of lock you have on the doors to your home or business. The kind of lock you have determines the new lock model that is compatible with your existing lock. For example, homeowners can choose a mechanical bump-proof lock, while businesses might be best selecting either a mechanical or electronic bump-proof and bump-resistant lock.

To ensure the locks in your home or business are resistant to lock bumping, turn to the pros at Arrow Locksmith Co. We can provide a bump-resistant lock solution when you want to add extra safety and security. Rely on us for a lock replacement in Orlando. If you need emergency services, call us at (407) 855-2080.

Features of a Transponder Key

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Most cars built after 1995 come with transponder keys—a key that’s used as an anti-theft device. A transponder key works through radio-frequency signals that are meant to deter car thefts. Transponders get their name from two words: transmitters and responders. They are not to be confused with automotive remotes, which are used to lock and unlock vehicles. A transponder is a device with the main purpose of eliminating car theft. There are a number of benefits and features of a transponder key.

Anti-Theft Protection

A transponder key makes it difficult for your car to be stolen because most of them are programmed with an identification number that is uniquely programmed to the car which it recognizes. The transponder’s microchip works in tandem with the engine of the car. If this specific key is not used, the car will not start. The microchip embedded in the head of the vehicle key receives a signal from an antenna which is around the ignition cylinder. Consequently, if the car or motorcycle doesn’t receive the right response from the transponder key, the vehicle doesn’t work.

You always want to make sure your transponder key has working batteries. Also, be sure to check and confirm that your system is working just fine, and you can’t find anything physically wrong with the key. If you have questions either check your car manual or contact Arrow Locksmith Co. for a 24-hour locksmith in Orlando.

Should You Rekey or Replace Locks in a New Home?

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When there’s a change in ownership of a property, the new owners usually plan to rekey or replace the locks. If the home has been previously owned, the new owners will not know who has access to the keys, unlike in new homes where contractors are the ones with access to the keys. If rekeying the locks is chosen, the locksmith removes the pins and springs in the lock cylinder and replaces them with new pins and springs that work with a new key. Many locks can be rekeyed and kept in service unless they are not working properly or a different style is required. However, in most new communities, locks are mastered with extra pins left in the lock, which means that numerous different keys could operate a single home’s locks. When these master pins are rekeyed, the possibility of another key operating the locks is eliminated.

Replacing Locks

There are circumstances in which locks must be replaced. Over time, locks wear out and rekeying may no longer be an option to improve their function. Upgrading the locks you have is always a good idea because your home’s locks are what protect you and your property. You may also want to replace your locks for aesthetic reasons or to accommodate disabilities. For example, lever handle locks are attractive and easy to operate, and deadbolts are available with an interior thumb turn that is operated without grasping.

Contact the pros at Arrow Locksmith Co. to consult with us about a lock replacement in Orlando. Call us at (407) 855-2080 if you need emergency services

Getting a Broken Key Out of the Door

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You may think you’re having a very bad day when your key breaks off in a lock. However, there are ways to try and get the broken key out of the lock. First and foremost, do not use your key again. The lock won’t open, and when you reinsert your key, you will push the broken part of the blade further into the lock. You do want to keep the broken halves of the key so you can give both parts to a locksmith who can cut a new key by using both pieces of your key.

You can make the process of removing your broken key from the lock by applying a lubricant to the keyway. It’s best to line up the nozzle of the lubricant so that it is inside the keyway before you spray. Keep a pair of needle-nose pliers handy because once enough of the key is accessible, it should be easy to pull free with pliers.

When you call on the professionals at Arrow Locksmith Co., a leading residential locksmith in Orlando, they will no doubt use a broken key extractor tool. They place this tool inside the keyway along the bitting of the key. The goal is to hook the teeth on the key with the hooks on the extractor. After the key is hooked, it is turned, pulled, and grabbed, and eventually removed from the lock.

Kubota Keys in stock

Since selling their first tractor in the US 1969 Japanese tractor manufacturer Kubota now offers lawn mowers, utility vehicles, construction equipment, agriculture tractors and utility vehicles.

Arrow Locksmith has always tried to keep up with the growing number of specialty key blanks for manufacturers such as Kubota, John Deere, JCB, Caterpillar, Doosan, Komatsu, Skytrack, Yanmar and most other construction equipment.

Pictured are some of the Kubota keys we stock. If we don’t have the key blank available we will do our best to order it in and keep it in stock.

Ilco 1540

Ilco 1540 Kubota Ignition key for G & L Series

Kubota PL501-68920

PL501-68920 Ignition Key for Kubota RTV UTV Utility Vehicles B BX F GR ZD RTV500 RTV900

Kubota 459A

Kubota 459A

Ilco 1539

Ilco 1539 Ignition Key for Kubota B & GL Series Diesel Garden Tractors

The Many Different Kinds of Locks, Part 2

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To continue our blog about the many different kinds of lock options, below we listed some of the less common locks, so you have an idea about what’s on the market as you consider the kind of locks you need.

  • Electronic Locks: Electronic locks don’t require keys to lock and unlock them. They function with a keypad or card system in which a special code or key is used to unlock the door. These locks typically lock the door automatically and are most commonly found in hotel rooms, schools, and offices. Some electronic locks also have a combination key system that can be used with a regular key if the code or key cards are not available. Most often these combination systems operate on batteries.
  • Cam Locks: Cam locks are typically found in filing cabinets, mailboxes, lockers, and low-security bank deposit boxes. This lock is a simplified version of other locks and requires a key to turn the cam, which locks and unlocks it. A cam lock may be flat or tubular, with keys of the same shape necessary to open them.
  • Chain Locks: Chain locks are usually seen on the inside of hotel doors. They have a catch on the door frame and a main locking assembly on the door, much like a barrel bolt, but use a chain to lock the door instead of the cylinder piece. A chain lock enables you to open the door slightly to greet someone while still keeping the door closed.

Reach out to Arrow Locksmith when you need services for a residential locksmith in Orlando.

Most Common Reasons for Broken Locks

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The locks on doors tend to take a great deal of use, so they may unexpectedly break. You don’t want to find yourself locked out of your own home or office, which means your property won’t be secure nor will the inhabitants of the building. That’s why it pays to know how to tell when something is wrong with a lock on your door. Some of the most common indications that there is a problem with a lock on your door include the following:

A Lock Has Seized Up. You can tell that a lock has seized up if it does not turn at all when you put your key into it. Try putting a damp cotton swab into it to wipe out the dirt or grime that may be clogging the mechanism. Use a silicone spray and then work the key around to spread the lubricant around.

Misaligned Weather Stripping. If the weather stripping on the door is not properly aligned, it may prevent the door lock from functioning properly. Try removing the weather stripping and realigning it properly before you try to move the lock.

Lock Bolt Not Operating. The mechanism in your lock may be broken if the lock doesn’t work when you turn the key. If you can, remove the lock to check for missing or worn parts. You can also call a professional at Arrow Locksmith for lock repairs or a lock replacement in Orlando.