Choose High-Security Solutions from Our Locksmith in Orlando

With our help, you can rest easy knowing that your home or business uses the top security standards available. Our locksmith in Orlando at Arrow Locksmith Co. provides solutions for those looking for high-security locks. Our specialty solutions are sure to increase the safety at your location. From an electromechanical door lock to restricted keys, we have what it takes to keep your home or business safe.

Have Peace of Mind with Our High-Security Locks

Most doors are fitted with a standard lock-and-key setup. While this offers home and business owners protection against the threat of break-ins, there are added solutions that help with security. After all, unless your lock offers resistance to drilling and picking, you can’t consider yourself truly safe. Our technicians look at all aspects of the door opening and provide you with a total security solution.

What exactly is a high-security lock? While this term can mean many different things, most of these locks meet at least one of the following criteria.

  • Additional Level of Security (Added Pick Resistance)
  • Added Physical Security (Drilling the Lock)
  • Keys That Cannot Be Duplicated Easily
  • Electronic Components (in addition to Mechanical Locks)

“Do Not Duplicate” Keys

It is easy to walk into any locksmith showroom and ask to get keys made for any lock. While this is a convenient option for many individuals, it can also pose a severe safety risk. Having an extra set of keys in the wrong hands can lead to security breaches in homes and businesses.

To help you maintain your safety and security, we host a database of all restricted lock customers, including names of who is authorized to obtain additional keys. We adhere to this strict policy without exception.

It is important for property owners to understand that simply having a key that says “Do Not Duplicate” is not enough, and they should consider a restricted keyway. This option means using a key that no hardware store or any other locksmith can duplicate. For a few more dollars, our commercial and residential locksmith in Orlando and provide you with an addition to your security. This option also prevents bumping the lock open, because, to have a bump key, a thief must have access to a key blank.

Contact us for all of your locking needs, including the addition of a panic bar in Orlando. Our goal is to safeguard people, property, and possessions throughout the area.