Secure Access with Service from Our Locksmith in Orlando

Increase security at your location with service from our locksmith in Orlando at Arrow Locksmith Co. Our company provides keypad and card entry locks to homes and businesses throughout the area. Whether you are eager to safeguard your home or business, choosing our card entry locks gives you the access control you need for peace of mind during every hour. Reach out to our professionals today to learn more about our services.


Controlling Who Enters

Provide a secure solution for any location when you take advantage of the benefits of electronic entry locks. Our team offers a variety of different services for residential and commercial clients looking for added access control at their locations. We are known for our secure services for a lock replacement in Orlando.

How does it work? When you choose a key card system for your home or business, you will grant admitted visitors access to different parts of your property by giving them a key card. Users do not have to insert a traditional key into a tumbler lock, and instead, swipe or insert a card into a designated reader.

From swipe cards to fobs, there are a variety of options you can choose from for your location. These high-security solutions offer convenient entry to any number of individuals who are allowed to enter your location.

Using keypad and card entry locks has become a more popular option than ever before. Key cards fit securely in wallets and cardholders, and they can easily be activated or deactivated without the need to completely change out a lock.

A Keyless Solution

As technology develops and innovations happen in the industry, the need for old-fashioned keys becomes less and less. Installing electronic entry locks allows you to grant access to the right people without requiring your employees or residents to carry around a set of keys.

Turn to our team today to request an audit trial for your electronic entry lock system. Our professionals are happy to speak with you about the installation process so that you can make the right choice for your setup.

Keeping Your Building Secure

There are countless options available to choose from for your new access control systems. When you speak with us for your installation project, you are free to select from some of the top brands on the market today. We proudly install access systems from the following names:

  • Allegion
  • Kaba
  • Alarm Lock

Contact us to speak with our professionals for your keypads and cards. Also remember that when you need to know where to make keys in Orlando, we’ve got you covered.