Transponder Keys Made by Our Locksmith in Orlando

Keep your vehicle protected from the risk of theft when you request the services from Arrow Locksmith Co. No matter what you drive, have your transponder keys made effectively and efficiently by turning to us. Reach out to our team today to discover more about our service options.

What Is a Transponder Key?

Many drivers use transponder keys in their cars without even realizing what makes these items special. In fact, most manufacturers use transponder keys to prevent vehicles from being hot-wired. Almost all new cars on the road today come with this type of key, and most rides manufactured since 1998 contain a special security system that prevents un-programmed keys from starting up the engine.

How do transponder keys work? Crafted with a special transmitter inside of them, these keys transmit a low-level signal that the vehicle will only detect when the key is in the switch. Without this signal, the car will not start.

Preserving the Safety of Your Vehicle

For many people, buying a car is one of the biggest investments of a lifetime. Protect this investment by relying on our locksmith in Orlando to ensure you use the right system to reduce the risk of theft. The valuable technology in transponder keys helps you avoid theft or vandalism.

A Convenient Key Service

By turning to our residential locksmith in Orlando to have your transponder keys cut and programmed, you avoid the need for dealer fees while receiving outstanding service. This specialty car key duplication service is available for most transponder keys. We are happy to clone existing keys for those looking for an additional set for other drivers in the household. In addition to these services, we also carry replacement shells for key fobs.

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